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I wish I could give my experience with MFHL a ZERO. The process, which I ultimately decided to not complete after 3 and a half months, was the singular worst administrative process I have ever endured.

I was refinancing my home loan and wanted a short 10 year term which MFHL offered. I am a disabled veteran married to a Federal employee. We have excellent credit, never missed a prior mortgage payment, etc. MFHL asked for and we resubmitted multiple copies and versions of the same type documents over and over.

I was asked for proof of medical insurance in the PAST including while I was active duty in the military! I had to get letters verifying VA disability and military retirement and prove every month that the money was being deposited! The process was abnormally invasive, incoherent, bizarrely complex and the document control process was abysmal. I cringe when I think about what happened to all our personal data.

I had top secret security clearances my entire career and the information requested was above and beyond even that. I switched to corporate USAA and was conditionally approved in TWO HOURS!

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