Military Family Home Loans - One of the Worst Experiences of my Life!

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I wish there was a way to give -1 stars.

I just finished settlement with MFHL FINALLY. This has been one of the worst experiences in my entire life, and not just with buying a home. On the scale of bad experiences across the board, this was one of the absolute worst. They managed to turn something that was supposed to be joyous and exciting to something incredibly dreadful. Let me tell you just a little bit about the nightmare I had.

First, we had a hard time negotiating with the seller of our home because she said she had worked with Military Family Home Loans before and did not have a good experience. We should have listened to her and gone with another lender right then.

We had the hardest time getting our mortgage officer on the phone. We had to hound him to order the appraisal which was ordered two weeks late. Then, we had to ask him what paperwork we needed to submit in order to move the approval process ahead when he should have been on top of things. He never called to tell us that our closing date would have to be moved back a week, we had to have our agent call the manager who gave us the run-around.

The buyer of our old house had a delay that ultimately delayed our closing so MFHL got an extra eight business days to get the paperwork together and they still weren't ready. Our loan processor left early the day we were supposed to close and never notified anyone that she would be gone so we couldn't get a hold of anyone at the office.

The substitute loan processor called us at 5:30 in the evening the day we were supposed to be at settlement (at 1:00 PM mind you) and was still asking for us to send memos to the underwriter about this and that. These were things they could have had long ago, especially since they got a very long extension.

They finally sent the paperwork and assured the title company that someone would be in the office for questions since we were closing after business hours. We drove 40 miles to the title company in rush hour traffic to close, only to find the paperwork was incorrect. Someone had just arbitrarily removed thousands of dollars from our seller's concessions and we had an enormous amount that we owed for closing when we had previously been told to bring nothing to close.

Of course, no one was available at the office to speak to even after they said they would be. We ended up driving all the way back home and having to come all the way out the next day again to close. What's worse, our seller had a sick brother who was terminally ill in the hospital and she had to delay her flight to see him when they couldn't get our closing together.

These people go about their business, don't do their due diligence, don't communicate with anyone, and they think it's okay. They don't realize how much stress and trouble they put people through. We had deliveries and services coming to the new house and had to call multiple times to reschedule, and we had to be out of our current house and with a 6-month old we're not exactly super mobile. This really messed with a lot of people's lives and it's like it was nothing to them. They barely apologized for the delay.


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I had a very similar experience after 4 months of the worst business etiquette I have ever encountered I dropped them. There was a time I was convinced I was being scammed. I will try to have the company shut down and have USAA disassociate itself from Military Family Home Loans

Military Family Home Loans - DENIED? !

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I had another loan officer that was really sitting on his hands with a loan approval so I called usaa. We were referred to NFL because the home is manufactured.

No biggie. I gave the loan officer Jeff all the information he needed for pre - approval even info that my husband's job is summer temporary only. He said it shouldn't be a problem. Called me later and said we are pre - approved for the home and we can make an offer.

So we did, halfway thru the paperwork portion Jeff had to take leave and switched our stuff to andrew. He did ok but Jeff didn't give him all of our paperwork so we had to practically start over! Finally things start going smooth and we have a close date of 13 june. Until last night, 9 days before closing we get a call stating we were in fact denied because my husband is summer temporary at his job.

Are you serious! These *** must've pulled my credit like 9 times to it was crazy.

Now we don't know what to do. I want them to pay for ruining so many dreams and lives I hate them so much I could scream!.

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Monetary Loss: $750.

Military Family Home Loans - Dicided to pay in cash and then were told we were turned down for insufficient assets.

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We applied to USAA for a home loan. They turned us over to Military Home Loans because the house we were buying was over 2 million and they did not finance such expensive houses. Our credit rating is sterling and our assests several million, have no debt at all.

We filled out all the many papers, but gave up when at the last minute before closing in March they also wanted the 2013 tax return. We called up to say that we did not have time for that and that we would buy the house with cash.

We did pay for the house with cash, and were astonished then to receive in the mail a "Notice of Action Taken and Statement of Resons" stating:"Value or type of collateral not sufficient."

Only a partial address was given for complaining and the phone for this outfit does not answer. The friendly and competent person who helped us no longer works there!!!

We want to have this changed, as it is we would have to say on any future mortgage application that we had been turned down for a loan.

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Military Family Home Loans process review

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When I first got started with the (newly required) mortgage pre-qualification process, USAA referred me to MFHL because my credit score was 4 points under what USAA could approve. A little history, my wife and I have spent the last 9 years cleaning our credit reports to even get that far so I was certainly OK with the referral. The loan officer that I got was Tyler Hendricks and he helped me get started with the mortgage process as a whole. He also stretched the truth and, in at least one instance, completely fabricated parts of how the whole process worked, what I needed to do, timelines, etc. The pre-qualification process took so long that I had to get another company to give the pre-qual so I could go look at houses!

We found the house that we wanted the first day we went looking. We thought and talked it over for two days and then made an offer thinking that if MFHL (offering a VA loan) didn't work out, we would go through the other company (offering a FHA loan). Tyler and I were in constant contact (at least one call every other day) getting all the initial paperwork in. This part was frustrating as *** because it seemed as if MFHL didn't look at the purchase offer, were asking for irrelevant things, etc. I did my own research and found out that what they were asking for was actually normal and to expect some other things so I got much of that ready. One day, a loan PROCESSOR (not to be confused with a loan officer) named Justin called me and requested all the stuff I had ready and then some. In the middle of getting the requested paperwork in, I was transferred to another processor named Dan Glissman. As if I wasn't already frustrated enough.

Dan actually turned out to be a pretty easy guy to work with. And trust me, I called poor Mr. Glissman every, single day. Dan worked as the middle man between myself and the underwriter, which was really frustrating because in my mind, it is easier just to go to the source. But after research, I learned that all companies do that.

One week before we were supposed to close, we did not have an approval. Now, as you may know, a VA loan, after approval, requires three more approvals (one of the underwriter, one of their decision, and one from the VA itself) which all take time that I didn't have. A side note, most of the reviews stated that months after the original closing date, people were still waiting for a decision. So, my calls to Dan increased in an effort to do anything at all to actually close. After almost 10 years of waiting to buy a house, I was not letting this opportunity slip away.

The Friday prior to my Monday afternoon closing date, 4pm came and went with no approval. I actually had to call the toll-free number (Dan had left for the day) to find out that the underwriter approved it. It was tight, the VA gave their approval 1 hour prior, but we closed on time. I have owned my new house for almost a month now and I am really pleased with MFHL, despite the pitfalls and tribulations along the way.

My advice: no matter who you go through for a mortgage, remember that you are not the only client. If you do not call every single day and submit every single thing with a signature and date, you will miss your closing date!

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Military Family Home Loans - Refinancing

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Not resolved

I was refered to MFHL by USAA and the process went good till bad weather (snow storm) interfered with priority mail delivery, MFHL rep. Micheal Fox told me I have a 10 day window to do the refinancing, I was canceled and they kept my $350.

for paperwork processing, If they canceled me then no paperwork was processed where is my $350. ? Military Family Home Loans ripped me off $350. and kept my original financial documents they were not copies.

Why do the treat Disabled Veterans so bad like this? Is there anything I can do?

HELP! Is there anyone to help disabled veterans?

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Monetary Loss: $350.

Military Family Home Loans - Everything was fine until a week before closing!

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I was referred to this company by USAA. At first everything seemed fine.

I gave them all the information they asked for as soon as they asked for it. Pre-approval went smoothly as well as mortgage commitment. Halfway through we were transferred to a new mortgage consultant, because the one we were working with was "promoted". We put an offer in on a house, went through all the little things that needed to be done.

Provided MFHL with all the documentation that they requested. Set the close date. For a week I called to make sure everything was ok. This is when our consultant stop returning our phone calls.

Finally I received a call back, they were denying the mortgage. They had a problem with childcare expenses. Which they knew about since day one. They blamed my first mortgage consultant the one who was "promoted" for dropping the ball.

I contacted my real estate agent to update him and he told me to switch lenders. I did just that, when I went to see someone else. I was told that MFHL pulled my credit 6 times. I then found out because of all the inquires my credit score took a nose dive.

I worked hard to fix my credit. Now there was nothing another lender can do for me because MFHL not only strung me along but made it so I couldn't find another lender.

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Monetary Loss: $2025.


Des Moines, Iowa, United States #742569

They can't pull your credit 6 times. That's a lie.

Military Family Home Loans - NOT SO BAD EXPERIENCE

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After reviewing alot of these reviews I was super hesitant to deal with Military Family Home Loans. But, I use to be in the banking business and I know 90% of bad experiences are reported and only 10% of good experiences are reported. So, I figure I would give it a chance.

After being transferred to my HMC from USAA I went through an application within 20 minutes and told that the computer had accepted the app and that I needed to provide some documents in order submit my loan to underwriting. Apparently VA requires documents and I had to redo the document 3 times before it was exactly the way the VA wanted it. Not sure why they are so picky but it was tolerable.

Once my loan was in underwriting the underwriter requested some extra documents that I did not initally provide my HMC. So I got the documents to him when I could. After being approved my loan was sent to processing.

This part I did not get alot of communication with the processor but the processor sent me a list of what needed to be completed before I could close. I just submitted everything he listed and was able to close my loan within 40 days from my initial application.

Prior to MFHL I was with Citi and they were refinancing my loan for over 4 months and it still had no closing date set.

I know that the mortgage industy is over-regulated due to the crash in 2008 and small crash in 2010 but I feel like MFHL did everything they needed to do to make sure that the ball was in my court and I had control of the situation. My HMC was very good with communicating with me when I had a question. Although sometimes he did not always answer his phone when I called. He always returned my voicemails in a reasonable time.

It wasn't the easiest process to go through but financing a home over 150k never is. Thank you Anthony (my HMC) and Kristen (my processor). I love my new home. I do recommend MFHL.

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Military Family Home Loans - Horrible Experience/Will make you ill

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The process began by stating that no money would come to the table for closing, no problem. As the process got on the roll, the loan officer began to require money, small amounts and eventuall to 2400.

From zero down we went to 2400, fine we agreed to do it. Later, my loan was transfered to a different loan processor and underwriter, right before closing. I was told that I had to wait for the "new" underwriter to review my file. He/she bagan to request additional documents that i had already turned it.

I requested bank statement and emailed. The underwriter forgot to mention that they had to be signed by the clerk. These peopel should know what they are doing since that is what they do and they do not. They should tell their clients up front what documentation is needed and what should be on the documents instead of having us running like stupids.


If you decide to use them, get ready to get sick and full of stress because I know I did.

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Monetary Loss: $1000.


Des Moines, Iowa, United States #742576

You can't request all mortgage documents up front. They review documents and their review prompts additional requests.

It's unfortunate, however, you're requesting at least $50,000.00.

Military Family Home Loans - Unless you are a glutton for punishment, do not use MFHL!


I am a USAA member and was referred to Military Family Home Loans (MFHL) by them. Since MFHL is a joint venture between USAA and Wells Fargo, I mistakenly assumed I would be in good hands. I wanted to refinance my house before interest rates went up any further. I had checked around and MFHL offered the cheapest origination fee. Well, let me tell you, not only do you get what you pay for, they make up for it by gouging you on the other fees. Where to begin with the refinancing from ***?

My husband is deployed in Southwest Asia and despite having “military” in their name, they are not military friendly at all. They would not accept the general power of attorney my husband left me, which gives me the power to do ANYTHING in his name. So here he is Southwest Asia and has to get me a limited power of attorney for the refinancing.

When I was given the good faith estimate, they quoted the cost of the appraisal as $1200. When I questioned it, they said that was just the average for Alaska, and since some locations in Alaska would require an appraiser to fly in, mine should come in much lower since the appraiser should not have to fly to Anchorage. At closing, I find out the appraisal’s bill (a related party to Wells Fargo) was $1020. That is three times what an appraisal for a single family home under $300,000 should cost! When I questioned it, they said that was the cost, and they don’t know why I was told it would come in lower since the appraiser wouldn’t have to travel.

I repeatedly had to resign documents I had already signed and sent to them. I understand that post 2008 mortgages are difficult, but the underwriter requests for this loan were ridiculous.

The loan processor I was working with all of the sudden did not work for the company anymore the day before the loan was supposed to close.

I received the settlement statement 4 hours before the closing. My property in Alaska was listed on the HUD-1 as being located in Indiana. There were numerous other mistakes on the settlement statement. When I questioned the loan processor, she flat out gave me wrong information instead of telling me she didn’t know and would get back to me. At one point she even accused me of not being able to add (I am an accountant).

The title company they used sent a check to payoff my old loan, not a wire! Since my bank in Alaska received an out of state check, they would not apply the funds to my loan until 9 days after my loan closed. The mental anguish caused by this refinancing was not worth the money saved. Unless you are a glutton for punishment, do not use MFHL!

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Do Not Use Military Family Home Loans, LLC

Clermont, Florida 0 comments

We were also referred to MFHL by USAA, so of course we trusted them and had no doubts, we were preapproved very quickly in April, found our home, which was to be built, put a $12,000.00 deposit on our home, we sent all required documents they needed, over the past 5 months everything was great, everything looked great. So lets lock in rates and get ready for closing which we did.

Got a letter in the mail denying us the home loan....(keep in mind we were still communicating with Eric, our processor and all was great), the letter said we were denied due to lack of income in relation to obligations....and past delinquencies....we are talking way past yrs ago.So we call oh by the way we were going VA....we meet all VA guidelines, so after calling got the runaround first saying VA denied I tell them VA doesn't provide the loan they only back the loan, so then they changed and said we didn't meet their guidelines, so I said we met guidelines got preapproved and absolutely nothing has changed in our credit standing or the Corey a supposed supervisor says they were going to have a meeting because this decision did not make sense, so after 5 days of apparent meetings on our situation they call and tell us they can only going by my husbands base husband who is a Vet and now works as an overseas employee, he receives base pay, travel pay, and hazard pay, they said his income is unreliable....what?????.....I asked them when they got hired is their job guaranteed for 10 or 20 yrs, I told them my husband was hired on with his Co, no different than any other employee getting hired at their job, but my husband has a contract guaranteeing his pay, no different than an employee signing their hire contract for pay. Of course they were silent, and then in their stern unprofessional voice stated this is our decision and that's final. I asked why they didn't advise us of this in the beginning before we gave $12,000.00 non refundable deposit, he said it wasn't their problem and it was between us and builder, and they followed protocol. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY, UNPROFESSIONAL, THEY HAVE NO CONSIDERATION FOR MILITARY MEMBERS OR VETERANS....IT IS A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AND USAA SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO EVEN BE ASSOCIATED WITH THEM.

We are currently scrambling around trying to get another approval to buy our home....but currently no home loan and lost $12,000.00, We are considering an attorney at this point. We were misled and deceived.

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Monetary Loss: $12000.

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